for Linux

This is the Linux port of QuickView Pro for DOS. It is a console application that does not work under X Window.

Its features and documentation are similar to the QuickView Pro for DOS version . There are however still several features missing so that it can rather be called beta. The main point is that sound is not supported yet. For more details look under Known Problems below.

If you find a bug that is not mentioned there please write a problem report using this form and include the following data if possible:
  • your CPU
  • your graphics card
  • your sound card
  • your memory
  • your Linux kernel version

    Please note that the Linux version of QuickView Pro is abandoned.

    Download the latest QuickView Pro for Linux version (2.57 from 2006).

    You can start QuickView with

    If you start QuickView with parameters make sure to use a "-" instead of a "/" like under DOS (a "/" under Linux could be mixed up with a path).

    Note: Current status of the software: free for non-commercial use. If you intend to use the software commerically please contact the author.

    Note: You must use kernel version 2.2.x or later.

    Note: If you boot Linux from DOS via loadlin make sure that you remove all programs and drivers that hook interrupt 10h like mouse driver, display.sys and ansi.sys from your config.sys and autoexec.bat files. Otherwise QuickView Pro might crash under Linux later on.

    Known Problems:
  • There is no sound support.
  • VideoCD playback is not supported.
  • Hardware acceleration of graphics chips is not supported.

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    Last updated on 22 May 2013